Planning Board


  • 7 p.m.
  • 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month
  • Bow Municipal Building
    10 Grandview Road, Bow, NH
Photo of the Bow Planning Board in 2018

Seated: Sandra Crystall, Bill Oldenburg, Tony Reynolds. StandingMatt Taylor (Community Development Director),  Allen Lindquist, Willis Sloat, Don Berube Jr., Adam Sandahl, David Glasier. Not picturedKristen Hayden, Harry Judd. 

Planning Board Members

Members are appointed by the Bow Board of Selectmen.
  • Don Berube, Jr., Chairman
  • Sandra Crystall, Vice Chairman
  • Tony Reynolds, Secretary
  • Bill Oldenburg
  • Adam Sandahl
  • Willis Sloat 
  • David Glasier (Alt)
  • Kristen Hayden (Alt)
  • Michael Wayne (Selectman Representative)
  • Harry Judd (Selectman Representative Alt.)
  • Vacant, Alternate
  • Vacant, Alternate


New Hampshire statutes (RSA 674:1, 5, 35, and 43) establish the duties of the Planning Board.

Among the duties are the responsibility to:
  • Prepare and administer land development regulations such as subdivision regulations and site plan review regulations
  • Prepare and update the Town Master Plan
  • Prepare recommendations for amendments to the zoning ordinance and zoning map
  • Prepare recommendations for programs for municipal development, programs for the erection of public structures, and programs for municipal improvements

Current Activities

  • Oversee the construction of new Town roads and the development of sites
  • Review and approve or disapprove proposals for subdivisions and site development
  • Update the Land Subdivision Regulations and Site Plan Review Regulations
  • Update the Zoning Ordinance