Board of Selectmen & Town Manager

  1. Annual Reports

    View digital versions of the Town of Bow Annual Reports.

  2. Board of Selectmen

    Selectmen are elected by the voters in March. The Board of Selectmen acts as the executive branch of Town Government and it carries out the policies and laws set forth by the legislative body. The Board also has other specifically assigned roles and powers as set out in State Statutes.

  3. Goals and Objectives

    The board goals and objectives, as defined by the Bow Board of Selectmen.

  4. Meet the Town Manager

    The Town Manager serves as the administrative head of all departments, is the hiring authority, and serves as the contracting officer of the Town. The Town Manager ensures policies are carried out.

  5. Monthly Bulletin

    This is the monthly Town of Bow Bulletin with news and updates from the Town Manager, Selectmen, Departments and Committees. Sign up to get email or text messages via the NotifyMe button.